Council Links

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Brisbane City Council

Demolishing, Removal and Relocating 

Building Application Fees

Getting Expert Advice

Building Approval (BA)


Fraser Coast

Aesthetics and amenity consideration

Building Approval requirements


Gold Coast City Council

Building Works

Approval of Building works


Gympie Regional Council

Removal structure application steps

Class 1 Dwelling Check List


Ipswich City Council

Building Application Info


Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Removal dwellings

Building Infomation 


Logan City Regional Council

How to obtain a building approval 

How to finalise a building approval fact sheet


Moreton Bay Regional Council

Removal Home Fact Sheet

Performance Bond Lodgement Form 


North Burnett Regional Council

Planning and Building

Amenity and Aesthetics


Noosa Council

Certification & Approvals

Town Planning Appraisal Application


Redland Bay City Council

Removal Home Fact Sheet 

Removal Home Steps

Application Forms

Amenity and Aesthetics

Lodgement Checklist Removal Dwelling


Scenic Rim Regional Council

Building and Plumbing Info

Building Application Guide Lines 


Council Fees and Charges 


Somerset Regional Council

Information about Removal Dwellings in Somerset Regional Council


South Burnett Regional Council

Relocation of buildings

Demolish or Remove Buildings

Bond Refund Form

Concurrence Agency Referral Demolish, Remove or Relocate Buildings

Fees and Charges Register


Southern Downs Regional Council

Building Application (Removal Homes)


Sunshine Coast Council

Plumbing and Building Approval Info


Toowoomba Regional Council

INFO002 – Removal dwellings & Buildings



Kyogle Council

Assessment Process

Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)


Clarence Valley Council

Single Dwellings Devolpement Application Info Pack (SEWERED)

Single Dwellings Rural Devolpement Application Info Pack (NON SEWERED)

Statement of Environmental Effects Application 

New South Wales

Guide to the building approval process