Asbestos Removal

It is widely known how dangerous Asbestos can be if removed or handled incorrectly. Don’t risk the dangers to yourself or your family by attempting to remove it yourself. If your starting any renovations to your home and are unsure if a wall, ceiling or roof contains asbestos contact us to organise a complimentary onsite inspection and quote.

  • We are fully qualified, licensed and insured to remove bonded and friable asbestos.
  • All our trucks are also registered and licensed to transport  and dispose of asbestos waste.
  • We are licensed for Class A asbestos removal, which means we can handle more hazardous friable asbestos that less qualified companies aren’t able too.
  • Mackay and Sons House Removals have a very experienced  and professional Asbestos Removal Team.
  • No job is too big or too small!

Asbestos Removal Licence No. 2312826